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About The Department:

The M.E. Programme in Computer Science and Engineering widens the technical horizon of young engineering graduates. This programme covers advanced concepts in the areas of Mobile computing, Computer architecture, Advanced system software, Multimedia systems, Operating system design, software engineering methodologies and Computer networks.

Intensive hands on experience and training are provided in various programming languages like C+ +, JAVA, CORBA, RMI, JAVA Networking and JAVA beans and Database management systems that cater to the needs of IT industries.

By acquiring knowledge in the above areas, our students find placements in various IT industries that are involved in developing projects in the following fields of System software, Application software, Automation software, Software testing, Embedded software, Multimedia software etc.

The M.E. CSE program is designed to provide students with advanced professional skills, improve students' ability to apply scientific principles in solving engineering problems, enhance the students' ability to communicate and offer students the background required for pursuing higher education or research programmes.


  • Prepare our students for lifelong personal and professional development and that enable them to exercise leadership and make lasting contributions in their disciplines.
  • Continue on new roads of research and discovery in emerging disciplines and in related interdisciplinary areas.
  • Provide the educational resources to keep pace with developments in the field.
  • Magnify our positive impact in serving regional, state, national, and global needs by building mutually beneficial linkages with industry, institutions, community and constituencies.
  • To initiate the development of e-Services for Social Welfare Activities.
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